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"She wants some time off before getting pregnant again," the source said. "And Kim will get her way." Part of that reason is because the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star is "determined to keep the trim and toned physique she worked so hard to get back after giving birth to daughter Northlast June. And she's not ready to give it up again so soon." She's "probably already shelled out $400,000," to get her body back, said the second source. "It's insane." Back in October 2013, a source close to review West told "They are discussing having another baby right away. It's serious." Kardashian, who just turned 33, "is well aware that she's getting older, and that if she wants to have a bigger family, then she needs to get it done," the source explained. "Kim is telling Kanye that she doesn't think it makes sense to gain pregnancy weight, lose it, and then gain it all back again," added the insider.
Source: Kim Kardashian Pregnant Again? Baby Number 2 Rumors Continue, Kanye West Wants North West Bro/Sis 'Immediately' After Wedding, 2014 Details

Jen, who Farrah shares, "helped me in a way of saying I can love myself in the <a  href="">redirected meantime of being alone and this loneliness that I feel is not going to last forever, but in the meantime of getting from A to Cwhich hopefully is marriage one dayI have to go through B, which is really finding myself, really waiting for the right person who can handle everything that comes with me. And I can take the time to really get to know the person and if something doesn't work out from the get-go, I just need to say goodbye." E! Entertainment The brunette continues, "I will never make the same mistakes that I have made in my relationships." Although Farrah doesn't have a significant other to bicker with on the show, she's still getting a healthy dose of drama from the other housemates, especially former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong . The two reality stars have been openly feuding on the show, and Abraham couldn't really explain what's behind it all. "I'm just very sad that a lot of the older women in that household cannot help me and instead it's been very hurtful to feel that I can't even be close to them. I don't really know what's behind them," she tells us, and adds that people will just have to see how the season unfolds and come up with their own conclusions. LOOK: Farrah and Brian's PDA MTV As the season continues, Teen Mom fans may be pleased to see a familiar faceFarrah's ex Daniel Alvarez. "I agreed to appear on the show because I saw an opportunity for me to clear the air regarding Farrah and [my] past relationship," Daniel told The Ashley's Reality Roundup on his decision to appear onCouples Therapy. "In addition and most importantly, I felt it was a good time to give Farrah some direct and honest feedback on what I experienced during our time together." He continued, "Although I didn't see Farrah's initial reaction, I don't believe she was surprised.

Kardashian's daily menu typically looks like this: Breakfast: Omelette or Greek yogurt with berries and slivered almonds. Snacks: One to two ounces of nuts or a guacamole dip with fresh veggies. Lunch and dinner: A serving of fish, poultry, eggs, or lean red meat with lots of fiber-rich vegetables prepared with olive oil. Kardashian also exercises regularly, combining rigorous cardio workouts with strength-training. Kim's dramatic weight loss has fueled rumors of plastic surgery, but she vehemently maintains that her body is the result of a strict diet and rigorous workouts.


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Kim Kardashian slams Photoshop rumours

Jenner looked gorgeous in a cropped yellow sweater , high-waisted printed skirt and pumps as paparazzi snapped her photo on Thursday (Jan. 9), reported. On her way to the E! studios in Los Angeles to tape an episode of "Fashion Police" with fellow E! star, Joan Rivers, photographers caught Jenner in the parking lot.


Kendall Jenner Sports A Crop Top, Looks Exactly Like Kim Kardashian

Addressing the allegations on Twitter for the first time on Friday (10.01.14), the 32-year-old star wrote: ''It sucks when people make up surgery or Photoshop lies when I am so disciplined & work so hard! Just trying to motivate others & show anyone struggling with weight they can totally achieve whatever they want if they are dedicated!'' visit their website READ: Kim Kardashian defends her parenting skills on Twitter The reality TV star recently revealed she has lost more than 50 pounds since giving birth to her daughter, North West, in Los Angeles in June. Kim, who is engaged to rapper Kanye West , has been hitting the gym regularly and following the Atkins diet to slim down but recently revealed her New Year's resolution was to ''get in better shape'' in 2014. of 22 Hot beauty Kim Kardashian goes topless in fiance Kanye West's sexy new music video for Bound 2. See more of: Kim Kardashian The music video shows Kanye riding his motorcycle  all the while, being straddled by a topless Kim.


Kim Kardashian Unconvincingly Denies Photoshopping Her Selfies

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Meanwhile, Richie responded, "Brace yourselves!" (She's so punny.) We knew the fashionable duo had been pals for quite some time, but we didn't realize that they grew up together! The Instagram image comes just a few days after North West's mama was seen grabbing a bite to eat with a few of her friends. The 33-year-old looked chic as ever as she exited La Scala restaurant in Beverly Hills, wearing a short black dress with a long black trench coat and matching lace-up open toe booties. She accessorized the look with a bold red lip and minimal eye makeup.


Kim Kardashian Shares Throwback Thursday Pic With Nicole Richie?Check It Out!

I am so disciplined & work so hard! she complained on Twitter. Just trying to motivate others & show anyone struggling with weight they can totally achieve whatever they want if they are dedicated! Yeah, we dont believe for a moment that she posted her post-workout selfies to motivate anybody. She posted them to show us how hot she is, and thats fine. Showing us how hot she is is Kim Kardashians main job, and its made her a millionaire several times over. But Kims protestations dont do much to disabuse us of the idea that she edited those images to shrink her waist.


Kendall Jenner does what we all want to do and ruins Kim Kardashian?s latest bum selfie with brilliant photobomb

There's no denying that Kim has a bangin' post-baby body following giving birth to cutie North West, which Kim says is the result of long workouts at the gym. And now Kim's proving just how much she's been pumping iron. On January 10, Kim snapped a selfie in which she shows off her backside at the gym. But Kim appears to have been joined by an unexpected partner in the booty-centric pic. "Barging in on Kim's booty selfie," Kendall captions the photo on Instagram in which she appears to be photobombing Kim's selfie.


Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner Show Off Their Booties in Sexy Gym Selfie (PHOTO)

She captioned the shot: Barging in on Kim's booty selfie On behalf of the world, thank-you Kendall. Kim Kardashian has been sharing a lot of post work out selfies. Copyright [Instagram] Kims penchant for showing off the results of her workouts have been somewhat frequent of late  with one picture raising eyebrows for all the wrong reasons. Twitter users claimed that Kim had manipulated one of her photos to make her body look curvier than it actually is thanks to the backgrounds warped appearance. One user blasted the star, writing: "I guess Kim Kardashian thinks we all don't know about the liquify tool in photoshop!" Kim Kardashian was accused of photoshopping this picture.

Kim Kardashian Debuts Post-Baby Bikini Body Six Months After Giving Birth

   Kim Kardashian, US Weekly

Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Kim Kardashian at the inaugural Dream for Future Africa Foundation Gala at Spago in Beverly Hills, Calif., in November. Kardashian has not been shy about her admiration for Taylor in the past. In fact, she was the last person to ever interview the star before her death at age 79 for the February 2011 issue of Harper's Bazaar. RELATED: KIM KARDASHIAN SPENDS $65K AT LIZ TAYLOR AUCTION "You are my idol. But I'm six husbands and some big jewels behind.

   Kim Kardashian at the inaugural Dream for Future Africa Foundation Gala at Spago in Beverly Hills, Calif., in November.

30. It's a major coup for Kardashian, who endured relentless cyberbullying during her pregnancy. "Kim feels confident again," a source tells the celebrity weekly. "She worked really hard and is so motivated to stay fit." NEWS: Kim Kardashian posts visit our website a half-naked selfie on Instagram Indeed, speaking to People in October, Kardashian said she was hurt by the cruel comments about her figure.


Kim Kardashian Explains eBay Auction for Philippines Typhoon Relief


"I don't publicize everything I do to help charities and people all over the world. I do it because I want to. I do it because my dad taught me to. I do it because it's the right thing to do.


Kim Kardashian justifies giving just 10 per cent of her eBay wardrobe to charity


So for people to attack me for giving 10% of my eBay auction sales to the people of the Philippines, that hurts, she writes. Kim says her dad, the late O.J. Simpson defense attorney Robert Kardashian, taught her the importance of giving back, and shes done just that throughout the years. Consequently, shes offended when people go online to say shes using the tragedy that hit the Philippines for her own personal gain.

"The real Cleopatra had an incredibly complicated life, and she had to be very, very canny to survive as long as she did. For me, the most interesting thing about her was her passion. The things that are important to mebeing a mother, a businesswoman, an activistare all things that were borne out of great passion." PHOTOS: Best of 2013: Kardashian moments! Kim also admitted to being "a huge Elizabeth Taylor nerd," complimenting her idol on possessing "the world's most iconic jewelry collection." Elizabeth's personal favorite piece from her collection was the 33.19 carat Krupp diamond, which she described as having "such life and brilliance when light shines through it." "Size does matter," she pointed out to Kim, "but so does the size of the emotion behind it." Amen. After Elizabeth's passing, many of her famed jewels were auctioned off by her estate.


Kim Kardashian Compares Herself to "Idol" Elizabeth Taylor in New Instagram Selfie

"I think it's important to look good and feel good about yourself, but I go both ways on it. I think it's cruel how the world puts so much emphasis on our looks." VIDEO: Britney Spears gets a birthday surprise When the "Work Bitch" singer watched the most recent season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she was appalled about how a then-pregnant Kim Kardashian was treated in the press. "I see Kim and what she went through when she was pregnantthe tabloids were so mean to her because she was big. At one point in the show she was upset and said something like, 'I would be lying if I said that the criticism from the paparazzi while I've been pregnant hasn't taken a toll on me.' And I was like, 'Bless her heart,' because I remember that time," the mom of two says. "First of all," Spears continues, "you are already emotional, and then the paparazzi are taking pictures of you pregnant.


Kim Kardashian Channels Elizabeth Taylor In Instagram Selfie

10) Kardashian posted a photo of herself wearing a white towel wrapped around her head, while flashing her huge engagement ring, to her Instagram account. The star was standing next to a vintage photo of Taylor posing in a similar fashion, which was taken by photographer Herb Ritts in Malibu in 1991 , according to the Daily Mail. Kardashian captioned the photo "#MyIdol" along with an emoticon of a sparkling ring. Kardashian has never been shy about her fascination with Taylor, who died in March 2011 at the age of 79 . Fortunately for the reality star, she was able to do more than just meet the actress before her passing, she actually interviewed her for Harper's Bazaar a month prior to Taylor's death.



Kim Kardashian: How I Lost Over 50 Pounds After Giving Birth

According to People , the reality TV mom  who is out on tour with fiance Kanye West  is looking good with the help of a trainer on tour with she and Kanye and a chef to keep her meals carb free. Though the new mom does have a few moments where she can enjoy some carb-tastic treats. With the exception of some cheat days, because she is realistic now, she sticks with it! the source continued. The 33-year-olds workout schedule is very full with hardly a day off from sweating it out. Kim is working out almost every day, the source said.


Kim Kardashian?s Secrets To Staying Fit While On Tour With Kanye West

No woman should have to deal with that, Kim told Us. Kim works out every single day with Kanyes trainer. She never misses a day. Its therapeutic, the source says. Kims Exercise Routine Revealed People magazine is reporting that thanks to a trainer on tour with she and Kanye and a chef to keep her meals carb free, Kim has continued to lose weight since she posted her sexy swimsuit… selfie in October. With the exception of some cheat days, because she is realistic now, she sticks with it!, the source spills to People.

reports. West, 36, appeared on the same night at the Hollywood Film Awards in Beverly Hills, making reference to a quick commute from San Francisco but saying nothing about a wedding proposal. The rapper and the reality starlet, who first went public with their relationship in 2012, are parents to 4-month-old daughter North. This will be the third marriage for Kardashian, who filed for divorce from basketball star Kris Humphries in 2011 after just 72 days as husband and wife.

"She was a natural," 18-year-old Toby French, a volleyball player from Chelmsford, told Us Weekly of Middleton (she gave birth to son George on July 22). "You can tell she's sporty. She said she's played a little before." PHOTOS: Hollywood's hottest post-baby bodies A Middleton family source told Us that the mom has "hardly done anything to lose the weight  she looks incredible." "Kate's still breastfeeding and the small weight she gained while pregnant has just melted off," the source continued. "She's not dieting.


Kim Kardashian Is Engaged to Kanye West!

19 of her love on stage with the caption "can't wait for tonight #YeezusTour." The snapshot shows the rapper standing at the top of a triangular structure in shadow, with a big white circle background. The 21-time Grammy Award winner kicked off his 23-city, 7-week North American tour on Saturday night. It is his first solo tour in five years and the first show was in Seattle. NEWS: Kanye West Announces Yeezus Tour Dates, Kendrick Lamar Will Open XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM In return, Kanye showed his admiration for his ladylove, grinning backstage and wearing a white T-shirt with her face on it!

Kris Kim Kardashian sex tape says Bruce may not even want the heat after the last circus,' added the source, referring to Kim's short-lived marriage to professional basketball player Kris. And the couple themselves may want to avoid an extravagant event. 'A this rate Kim and Kanye could elope,' said the source. He's the one: Kris allegedly wants son Rob Kardashian to walk Kim down the aisle, and not her estranged husband Bruce No part of it: Kris thinks Bruce 'may not even want the heat after the last circus' says the source Kanye proposed to Kim on her 33rd birthday by renting out the entire AT&T Park baseball stadium in San Francisco, popping the question in front of their family and friends, reports E! .


Kanye West engaged to Kim Kardashian after surprise San Francisco proposal on her 33rd birthday: report

By Daily News Staff / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, October 22, 2013, 2:19 AM Noel Vasquez/Getty Images Kanye West reportedly proposed to Kim Kardashian at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Kanye West swooped into San Francisco Monday night and proposed to Kim Kardashian on her 33rd birthday, E! News reported early Tuesday morning. The rapper popped the question to the mother of his child in front of loved ones at AT&T Park, which was rented out for Kims big day, the site reported.


'The drama starts here': Kardashians 'already debating' who will walk Kim down the aisle... and Kris 'wants Rob' NOT Bruce

NewsTuesday at 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.) And here we thought Kim's 33rd birthday bash at Tao this Friday was going to be the major event of the week. Kanye sure figured out a way to top last year's chocolate cake ! PHOTOS: Kim's 33 best looks Earlier tonight, in fact, Kanye was hanging out with directorSteve McQueenat the 2013 Hollywood Film Awards and was the first presenter of the night, making it all the more surreal when he touched down in the Bay Area just a couple hours later. (Way to keep 'em guessing!) Mark Davis/Getty Images But remember, that's how these kids rollwith style and spontaneity.

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